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  • US Army ALICE Canteen Cup Stand – Genuine US Issue


    Unissued condition. Genuine stand for the kidney shaped canteen cup used with the US A.L.I.C.E. and M1956 1 quart canteen. Used…

  • US Army Stainless Steel Canteen Cup – Genuine Unissued


    Unissued condition. May have slight storage marks or small dents. Genuine US issue stainless steel canteen cup with folding handle. Ideal…

  • US Army Desert Storm 6 Colour PASGT Flak Vest Cover


    Desert Storm 6 colour "Chocolate Chip" cover to go over the standard flak vest. Good used condition. Size Small to…

  • US Army ALICE Equipment Pistol Belt – Genuine US


    Genuine US Army issue nylon pistol belt for the US A.L.I.C.E. equipment. This is heavy duty quality and not the…

  • US Army ALICE Medium Backpack with Shoulder Straps – Genuine US Issue


    Genuine US issue ALICE Medium Backpack complete with shoulder straps. No frame. This is heavy duty quality and not the…

  • 2 x US Army ALICE Straps, Cargo Tie-Down- Genuine US Issue – Unissued


    A pair of genuine nylon M1972 tiedown straps for attachment of various equipment to the US A.L.I.C.E. backpacks and frames.…

  • Australian/US WW2 Jungle Green Camo Helmet Net – Unissued


    Original WW2 jungle green camo helmet net with draw string for the Australian/British tommy type steel helmet. Also used (a…

  • Original Australian/US Army WW2 Camo Helmet Net


    NET ONLY. Unissued Australian WW2 made large weave (0.75" openings) twine camo helmet net with draw string for the Australian/British…

  • Australian Made WW2 P37 Jungle Kit Braces – 1945


    Pair of unissued Australian made WW2 P37 Jungle Kit web equipment 3 1/4" wide braces. Maker marked and dated 1945.…

  • Australian Made Army WW2 Khaki Web Holster – Mint


    Unissued condition. Australian made during WW2. Suits Webley .38; S & W Victory Model revolvers. D/|D marked.

  • Australian L1A1 SLR Accessories Kit


    Genuine Australian Army surplus. Consists of cleaning kit roll, combination tool, pull thru, plastic oiler, brush. Excellent condition.  

  • Australian Army Surplus 7.62mm Nato Broken Case Extractor


    Australian Army surplus 7.62mm Nato (.308W) broken case extractor. Excellent condition. $5 postage refund for single item Overseas orders of…