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  • Australian Army Vietnam L2A1 Long SLR Sling – Unissued


    Jungle Green unissued heavy long cotton web sling (58 inches) for the Australian L1A1 & L2A1 Heavy Barrel SLR .…

  • Australian Army Lee Enfield Web Sling – Black


    Australian issue web .303 Lee-Enfield sling that has been blackened for ceremonial and parade use. Good used condition. Standard rifle…

  • Australian Army Lee Enfield Khaki/Green Web 303 Long Web Sling


    Australian issue khaki/green webbing long rifle sling. Used condition. 58" long rather than the 46" of the standard rifle sling.…

  • US Army ALICE Field Dressing/Compass Pouch- Genuine US Issue


    Genuine nylon field dressing/compass pouch for the US A.L.I.C.E. equipment. This is heavy duty quality. Not the cheaper repro items…

  • Australian Army Khaki/Green Long Web 303/SLR/Bren Sling – Unissued


    Original Australian made and issue khaki/green heavy cotton webbing long rifle sling with brass attachments for use on the Enfield…

  • Australian Army L1A1 SLR /F1 SMG Rod Pullthrough – Pack of 5


    Genuine Australian Army surplus. Original Lithgow sealed pack of 5 Rod, Pullthrough. Most probably for the F1 9mm SMG or…

  • US Army Quilted Liner, M65 Jacket, Cold Weather – Small


    Original US issue lightweight quilted liner for cold weather M65 field jacket. Buttons into the M65 jacket for more warmth…

  • US Army Vietnam M1956 “H” Equipment Suspenders


    US issue Vietnam period M1956 "H" Equipment Suspenders for attachment of mag pouches etc. Excellent condition. Regular size. These are…

  • US Army ALICE Equipment Suspenders


    Genuine US Army issue set of Y-suspenders for the US A.L.I.C.E. equipment. Excellent condition. This is heavy duty quality and…

  • US Army M1 Combat Helmet Chinstrap – Unissued


    Original US M1 Helmet quick release chinstrap. Quickly clips on to the helmet swivel bales. Unissued condition with instructions.

  • US Army Vietnam Early Olive Drab M1 Helmet Camo Cover


    Original US Army GI issued in the early days of Vietnam. Unissued condition. ¬†Interesting in that there are no identifying…

  • US Army GI Kevlar Helmet 6 Colour Desert (Chocolate Chip) Camo Cover – Unissued


    Genuine US Army issue Kevlar Helmet 6 Colour Desert (Chocolate Chip) Camo cover. Unissued. Med-Large size. $5 postage refund for…