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  • US Army Desert Storm 6 Colour Trousers – Genuine US Issue – Unissued


    Original US Army issue Desert Storm 6 Colour (Chocolate Chip) BDU trousers . 1990 Contract dated and made by the…

  • US Army Tankers Jacket Cold Weather – Original US


    Original US issue olive drab cold weather jacket.  100% Aramid high temperature resistant. Knitted cuffs and waist. Size Small-Regular. See…

  • British Army WW2 Lee Enfield No4 .303 Oiler – Unmarked


    Correct British WW2 issue unmarked plastic Mk V oil bottle for the No4 .303. See representative photos for main condition.…

  • Australian/US M1C Parachutist Helmet – Original


    Australian Vietnam War issue US made M1C Parachutist steel helmet shell. Unissued condition with some slight storage scuffing on inside…

  • US Army Original M79/M203 Grenade Ammo Carrying Vest – Unissued


    Original US military vest for carrying rounds for the M79 & M203 grenade launchers. Excellent unissued condition. Size Small but…

  • Australian SMLE Enfield/SLR L1A1 Web Slings x 10


    Ten original Australian issued blackened web slings for the Enfield 303 and SLR rifles. Used condition. Maybe a mixture of…

  • Australian Army WW2 Lithgow Enfield 303 SMLE Firing Pin – Unissued


    Original Lithgow WW2 manufactured firing pin for the No1 Mk3 SMLE 303 Rifle. Unissued condition.  

  • US Army Vietnam M1911 .45 Web Mag Pouch – Unissued


    Unissued webbing mag pouch for 2 x M1911A1 .45 mags.  Issued during the Vietnam War and onwards. Sliders at rear…

  • Australian Army Vietnam F1/Sterling SMG Mag Pouch – 1972 – Unissued


    Jungle green dated 1972 Vietnam period 9mm F1 SMG heavy duty canvas mag pouch. Also fits the curved Sterling 9mm…

  • Australian Army L1A1 SLR Mag Filler


    Genuine Lithgow made and issue L1A1 7.62mm SLR magazine filler. Plastic coated and used for stripping 5rd stripper clips or…

  • Australian Army Lee Enfield 303 Jungle Green Web Sling – Unissued


    Unissued jungle green Australian made and issue web .303 Lee-Enfield sling. Heavy cotton webbing sling with brass attachments and copper…

  • US Army ALICE Equipment Pistol Belt – Genuine US


    Genuine US Army issue nylon pistol belt for the US A.L.I.C.E. equipment. Metal buckle. This is heavy duty quality and…