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  • Lee Enfield SMLE 303 5rd Stripper/Charger Clips – 10 Unissued


    Original military issue. Unused in the grease. Two lots in plastic sleeves of 5 each. For use with British pattern…

  • 10 x Lee Enfield SMLE 303 5rd Stripper/Charger Clips & One Bandolier – Unissued


    For use with British pattern .303's including No.1 Mk3; No4; No5; P14. Mint unissued condition. Ex-army surplus. Marked KF Mk…

  • US Army M1 .30 Cal Cleaning Rods and Pouch Set


    US Vietnam issue webbing belt pouch with steel cleaning rod sections and brush for .30 Cal weapons. Contract dated 1964.…

  • US Army Desert Storm 6 Colour Trousers – Genuine US Issue – Unissued


    Original US Army issue Desert Storm 6 Colour (Chocolate Chip) BDU trousers . 1990 Contract dated and made by the…

  • US Army Vietnam M1911 .45 Mag Pouch – Used


    Original US GI webbing mag pouch for 2 x M1911A1 .45 mags. Contract dated on rear. Used during the Vietnam…

  • Australian Army Lee Enfield 303 Jungle Green Web Sling – Unissued


    Unissued jungle green Australian made and issue web .303 Lee-Enfield sling. Heavy cotton webbing sling with brass attachments and copper…